Sustainable IT : How to get your hierarchy on board ?

Sustainable IT approaches (at least Green IT) are increasing in organizations, however, some are still reluctant to devote time and budget to this purpose. Boavizta has carried out a quantitative and qualitative market study for you with 85 organizations.
After analysis, we brought together all the lessons learned in a publication.
This argument is aimed at those who would like to convince people of the benefit of implementing a digital sobriety and measurement approach in their organization.

Objectives of this study

Build an argument in favor of implementing an approach to measuring the environmental impact of digital technology and, more broadly, sobriety, in order to equip employees in their organizations. Particularly with regard to their decision-makers.

Summary of our study

  • Boavizta: who are we?
  • Impacts of digital
  • Approach to our study
  • Driving a Sustainable IT approach
  • The arguments in favor of Sustainable IT
    • Regulation
    • Financial ROI
    • Differentiation
    • Employer brand
  • Impact evaluation
  • Files by type of business
    • Software publishers
    • IT consulting
    • Large companies
  • Contributors and participating organizations
Boavizta is an independent and inter-organizational association dedicated to assessing the environmental impacts of digital organizations. Among the various activities of Boavizta, the “Arguments of conviction” project aims to highlight the elements in favor of a Responsible Digital approach in organizations, whether qualitative or quantitative. This document is the fruit of a year of work, we hope that it will provide you with leverage for your commitment.
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